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As a teacher, if you have a student who would like to register for the fair, you will want to register as well. Once you are registered, your students will be able to select you as there teacher when they register.
One of the main benefits of registering as a teacher is that this gives you the ability to log-in and review and manage all of your students (who select you as their teacher) and their projects. Students can also log-in to their own accounts to make these changes, so don't feel that you need to do everything. The goal of our tool is to help you, to lessen your workload, and to allow you to focus more on what you love.

Teacher Registration

  1. Click create account
  2. Select Teacher
  3. Enter your information
  4. Click "Next"
  5. Complete required information
  6. Click "Save & Continue"
  7. Select your school
  8. Click "Save & Continue"

Updating Your Information:

For information on changing password see: Changing Password
For information on updating your profile see: Updating Profile

Registering a Student:

Keep in mind that you do not need to log-in or even be present for your students to register. In fact, your student can register from home or anywhere with an internet connection. Most teachers will simply provide their students with the link or the URL to the fair website and encourage them to complete their registration. To access directions for student registration please use the following link:

Student Registration

Viewing/Editing Student's Profile, Project Information, and ISEF Forms:

  1. Click on "My Students"
  2. In the search bar, type the name of the student or project you would like to view.
  3. Click on the Student/Project you would like to view.
  4. Select the appropriate option (i.e.: Edit/View Participant, Upload File (Use this option if your fair is using the Paperwork Manager and having students upload their forms), Link to a Project, Unlink from a Project, Change Password, Delete Participant, or Review Project in Dashboard (Use this option if your fair is using the Project Dashboard and it's associated Generated ISEF Forms & E-Signatures)).

Viewing Student's Uploaded Paperwork

  1. Click "Paperwork"
  2. Click "Review"
  3. Select the forms you would like to review. Please note: Teachers can not approve forms unless they are also a member of the SRC (Scientific Review Committee) or the IRB (Internal Review Board).