From zFairs Contest Management

Fair/Contest Setup

For information on setting up your fair see: Fair/Contest Setup

Creating Admin or Staff User Accounts

How to Create Additional Admin or Staff User Accounts: (PLEASE NOTE: Only Admin Users can create other Admin User Accounts. Only Admin or Staff Users can create additional Staff User Accounts.)

  1. Log in with your Admin or Staff username and password.
  2. Click on "Create Account" and "Staff".
  3. Provide the first name, last name, and email address of the Admin or Staff User.
  4. Select "Save and Continue".
  5. Provide the gender of the new Admin or Staff User.
  6. Create and verify a password for the new user.
  7. Select "Admin" or "Staff" (depending on the role you would like them to have) from the drop down menu of "Fair Role" options.
  8. Select "Save and Continue".
  9. Provide your website and the new username and password to the Admin or Staff Member for whom you have created the account. Encourage them to log in, change their password as desired and update their profile information.

Removing Users

  1. Click "People"
  2. You can now either use the search box to look up a specific user or just locate them on the list
  3. Click on the icon to the left of the user
  4. Click "Delete"

View Directory

  • You can access the directory of the adults involved in your fair by clicking on "Staff" then "Directory"
  • You can access a full list of all those individuals registered with an account online by clicking "People"

Change Username

  1. Click "People"
  2. Search for the person who needs their username changed
  3. Click on the image to the left of the user
  4. Click "Change Username"
  5. Set the username to the desired username
  6. Click "Change Username"
  7. Notify the individual of their new username

Admin Password Reset

As an Admin User you can change the password for the various users on your site. Use the following link for instructions on changing passwords. Please note that only users with an Admin or Staff User account can change the passwords of other users.

Change Password

View/Edit User Information

For information on editing student information see: Student Information

In order to view and edit information for teachers, judges, volunteers, and staff:

  1. Click "Staff"
  2. Click "Directory"
  3. Click on the edit pen to the left of the person you want to view/edit

Combining Student Entries

  1. Click "Students"
  2. Select the student whose project you want to keep
  3. Click "Edit/View Participant"
  4. Copy the Project Key
  5. Close the open project
  6. Select the student who you want to join the project who's key you copied.
  7. Click "Link to a project"
  8. Enter project key into the Team Key / Project Id slot
  9. Click Link Project

Tracking Student Registration Fees

Option 1

  1. Click "Staff"
  2. Click "Fee Tracking"
  3. You can now filter by school or search for student

Option 2

  1. Click "Staff"
  2. Click "Invoice Management"
  3. Click the invoice number to view the invoice

Sending Email Blast

  1. Click "Staff"
  2. Click "Email-Students, Teachers, Volunteers, or Staff"
  3. Select the desired recipients and fill out the message as directed
  4. Click "Send"

Auto Assigning Awards

For information on auto assigning awards see: Award Assignments

Manually Assigning Awards

  • You can print the "Category Judging Pro Sheet" from the Report viewer which can assist in manually entering awards.
  1. Click "Staff"
  2. Click "Assign Awards"
  3. Filter Projects based upon Division/Category/Grade
  4. You have two options for inputting awards:
    • Click "Quick Assign" which will guide you through the list of projects and allow you to assign each one
    • Click on a specific project and select award

Creating Special Awards

  1. Click "Staff"
  2. Click "Fair Setup"
  3. Under "Divisions & Awards" Click "Special Awards"
  4. Click "Add New"
  5. Fill in all the information about your award
  6. Click "Save Special Awards at the bottom of the page"

Assigning Special Awards

  1. Click "Staff"
  2. Click "Assign Special Awards"
  3. Next to the award you are assigning click "Add Project"
  4. Search for the desired project
  5. Click the "+" symbol next to the correct project

Advancing Projects

See Promotion Linking for information on connecting your zFairs site to another zFairs site.
  1. Click "Staff"
  2. Click "Promote/Advance Projects"
  3. Select the Fair you would like to advance them to
  4. Select the minimum award that is advancing (You can also select "All Projects")
  5. Click "Next"
  6. You will then be given the option to review all the projects that fall into your selected criteria and specify which projects you are advancing
  7. When you have selected the projects you would like to advance click "Advance Selected Projects"

Setting Welcome for Advancing Projects

  1. Click "Staff"
  2. Click "Fair Setup"
  3. Click "Settings"
  4. Under the "Student" tab there is the option:
    • Send welcome email when student is advanced/promoted from another contest
  5. Under the "Teacher" tab there is the option:
    • Send welcome email when teacher is promoted with their student(s)

Customizing Email Text For Welcome

  1. Click "Staff"
  2. Click "Fair Setup"
  3. Click "Customize Text"
  4. Under "Entry Advancement/Promotion you can select the student and teacher email to customize

Accessing Reports

To access reports see: Reports

Viewing Previous Years Results

  1. Click on "Fair" or "Contest"
  2. Click "Fair Results" or "Contest Results"
  3. Select Fair/Contest you would like to view
  4. Click "Get Results"