Virtual Contest Setup

From zFairs Contest Management

If you and your contest can’t meet in person, we can help you organize and execute a successful virtual contest. For even more information about our software you can email us at or visit our site at

Two of the biggest issues include Entry Presentation and Judging.

Entry Presentation

  • Students can submit their entry electronically
  • Profile Pictures (optional)
  • Entry Pictures (optional)
  • Single and team entry supported
  • Upload other documents as need (optional)
  • Links to video presentations (optional)
  • Answer a questions that would be asked during an interview (optional)
  • Hold Judging interviews with participants via our online video chat (optional)


  • Judges can view and score projects electronically through our online judging app
  • Make judging assignments (optional)
  • Judges can review entry information including: entry pictures, uploaded documents, responses to questionnaires, and other materials provided by the participants.
  • Judges will be able to score each entry they review and/or interview
  • Hold live judging interviews with participants via our video chat (optional)

Judge Collaboration

  • Assign judge captains that can assign judges to projects
  • Provide virtual judging rooms (group video chat) where judges can meet, discuss, and decide what awards to assign to entries