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Running a Science Fair, History Day Contest, Invention Convention, or any other type of Fair, Contest, or Competition has never been easier. The zFairs platform takes a lot of the management headache out of the equation and lets you focus more on the Participants and Judges you will be working with.

Helpful Tips on Getting Ready for your Next Event

  1. Archive Users
    • NOTE: If you are planning on doing any testing or training in the system it is often helpful to have data avaialble. We recommend waiting to Archive Users till you are done with everything else and a week or so prior to registration opening up again
    1. Go to Staff -> Archive Fair
    2. Select the User Types you would like to clear out - Participants/Students are selected by default and cannot be deselected
    3. Enter your username - The fair will not be cleared if you don't do this
    4. Click Clear Fair
    5. Review your people page to make sure everything looks as expected
  2. Update Scheduled Dates
    1. Go to Staff -> Fair Setup -> Schedule
    2. Revise the dates there as needed
      If you don't have a late registration period set this date to be the same as Registration Ends
  3. Update Home Page Content
    See Anchor Points for tips on using a helpful feature
    Method 1
    1. Go to the page you would like to edit
    2. Click the Edit button next to your username
    3. Double click somewhere in the page you are wanting to edit
    4. Make the needed changes
    Method 2
    1. Go to Staff -> Fair Setup -> Customize Text
    2. Select the page you would like to edit
    3. Update the page as desired
  4. Review / Update General information
    1. Go to Staff -> Fair Setup -> General Information
    2. Review and revise the information there as needed
  5. Review / Update Rubrics & Rounds
    1. Go to Judging -> Setup -> Rubrics/Rounds
    2. Review and Revise the setup for each rubric and round you plan on using